New automatic balancing damper

Engineering Resources Ruskin

The Ruskin ABD-FD automatic balancing damper and curtain fire damper assembly is the only unit in the industry that combines an ABD with a UL555 1-1/2hr static-rated fire damper to meet building code requirements. Click on image below for more information…

Introducing the Titus Helios Diffuser

Engineering Resources Titus

The Helios VAV Diffuser is a revolutionary leap forward in air distribution technology. Equipped with the same light-powered energy-harvesting technology used on our ground-breaking EOS diffusers, it is designed to improve comfort and save energy by providing a solution to challenging VAV system applications.

CookTools Smartphone App

Engineering Resources COOK

The smartphone is the new toolbox. Is yours loaded with the latest tools? CookTools is a suite of design tools in one convenient app. Fan Law Calculator/Sound Calculator/Duct Designer/Area Calculator/Psychrometric Calculator/Fan Select Download on an Apple Device or Android Device