Filters on Fan-Powered Terminal Units

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Titus Terminal Unit application engineers take lots of questions on filters, so it’s worth explaining their purpose and covering the available filter options. Click on the link below to access helpful info on Fan Powered Terminal Units and the question of filter use. See:

Residential Cooking Application Design Recommendations

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Historically there has been a large gap in safety and performance between residential grade ventilation equipment, which generally does not incorporate any fire protection measures, and commercial grade equipment. GreaseMaster has addressed this challenge with their residential cooking application design recommendations. Click on the link below to learn more about the differences in code between […]


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In this issue: AQC Industris – BLUEDUCT underground ductwork features and benefits *NEW* DuraVent HEPA Filter Tower to help remove pathogens and scrub the air Hunter HVLS fans Jeremias & US Draftco – A case study in boiler venting and draft assist overcoming a design challenge Mussun Memo March 2022