6 Tips on Designing for Sound with Terminal Units

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How to implement effective acoustic design with terminal units As anyone wearing headphones at the office to keep coworkers from bothering them can tell you, noise is an issue in public spaces. While the primary focus of HVAC systems is temperature and humidity control, experienced designers know that controlling sound is vital to a comfortable […]

New automatic balancing damper

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The Ruskin ABD-FD automatic balancing damper and curtain fire damper assembly is the only unit in the industry that combines an ABD with a UL555 1-1/2hr static-rated fire damper to meet building code requirements. Click on image below for more information…

Introducing the Titus Helios Diffuser

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The Helios VAV Diffuser is a revolutionary leap forward in air distribution technology. Equipped with the same light-powered energy-harvesting technology used on our ground-breaking EOS diffusers, it is designed to improve comfort and save energy by providing a solution to challenging VAV system applications.

CookTools Smartphone App

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The smartphone is the new toolbox. Is yours loaded with the latest tools? CookTools is a suite of design tools in one convenient app. Fan Law Calculator/Sound Calculator/Duct Designer/Area Calculator/Psychrometric Calculator/Fan Select Download on an Apple Device or Android Device