HVAC Systems and Methods of Abating Airborne Infection


The current COVID-19 pandemic presents many challenges we have never faced during our lifetimes.  Scientists are gaining knowledge about the virus every day, researching therapeutic interventions and how it spreads but much still remains unknown.  For insight from Titus HVAC Chief Engineers, check out the latest on their discussion of airborne transmission, abatement strategies and […]

COOK Mobilizes in response to COVID-19

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Loren Cook Company has mobilized to provide essential products during these trying times. We are working hard building ventilation products critical to the health care industry including hospitals, labs, COVID-19 testing facilities and other essential businesses. We, your local Cook rep are the ‘boots on the ground’, communicating with local health care entities and business, […]

6 Tips on Designing for Sound with Terminal Units

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How to implement effective acoustic design with terminal units As anyone wearing headphones at the office to keep coworkers from bothering them can tell you, noise is an issue in public spaces. While the primary focus of HVAC systems is temperature and humidity control, experienced designers know that controlling sound is vital to a comfortable […]

Check out the Ruskin FSD Interactive Application Guide.

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This is an interactive, dynamic document, best utilized within a PDF viewer.  There are live links built‐in throughout the document.  All blue text links to either a website or another page within this document.  Also, the bottom of every page includes “jump to” links to speed up navigation within this document. Click on image below for more information…

SMACNA – Guideline on through-penetration firestopping

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This paper was prepared in response to increasing concerns and lack of understanding of this issue by designers, code officials and contractors. The requirements of the Model Code groups have been identified and the responsibilities of architects, engineers/designers, code officials and contractors have been outlined. The use of this paper will assist contractors in those […]